Cosplay Makeup: Crossplay Eye Makeup

This is a quick tut on how I do my eye makeup for crossplay. I know most will deem it too heavy or maybe too feminine. (However, most asian cosplayers seem to also put on heavier makeup for cosplay/crossplay, so yeh :P )
I’m also only an amateur :P If you’d prefer something else, then sure~ I am working with my own eyes so it will vary from person to person. But I hope this helps regardless!

Here are my eyes normally:image

Do whatever you need to do for foundation or primer. Remember to cover up your eyebrows! (I didn’t do so here yet) 

1. Use liquid eyeliner for a very basic and thin line. Then use pencil liner to start creating a thicker outline. Make sure the outer edge is sharp and extend it so it creates the illusion that your eyes are longer and thinner!


2. Extend around halfway of your lid and use black eye shadow to enhance the color. The second image shows how it looks when I open my eye properly. (Remember that I have double eyelids!)


3. Draw your eye tips and line your bottom lid! (I also have a tut on eye tips~)


Here’s how it should look with both eyes~


Note: avoid false lashes~

4. Draw on your angry brows and contour your nose + face. (Also have tuts here and here for those!)



And bam! You’re now a bishie~

Here are some gpoys with various wigs to show that this makeup works for lots of characters! Though it looks heavy up close, it looks alright from far away~


I hope that helped and good luck, fellow crossplayers!

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